Meet Trudy – Energy Healer & EFT Practitioner. 


Trudy is a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Qualified EFT Practitioner and Coach. She’s an incredibly powerful energy worker who is on a mission to enable other people to heal themselves and their beloved pets and live their best lives! That could be by using Reiki healing for you or your pets or by EFT, which can be used for people and animals too!

She lives in Yorkshire with her husband, daughter and a house full of pets. 

Her absolute passion in life is helping people and animals.


She has 2 Border Terriers who are just the cheekiest, funniest, affectionate, loyal and ‘full of character’ little dogs she has ever had the pleasure of sharing her life with, together with five adult cats (many of whom were rescue cats). AND, five kittens (two came from the Feral and Stray Society) and the other three kittens were feral that appeared in her Mum’s garden. (Her Mum now has the mama cat who is loving life as an indoor ‘house cat) – The mama cat has been neutered and vaccinated so that she won’t have any more kittens (as she’s not much older than a kitten herself). 


It’s a good job; her husband and daughter are animal lovers. Her daughter has ‘claimed’ the five kittens as hers, and she’s a great ‘mum’ to them.

Trudy loves having all ten cats and two dogs, and if she won the lottery then the first thing she would do is buy an animal sanctuary, but due to living in a small house in Yorkshire, she’s ‘full’ (for now) 😉 

She would also have a dedicated area to work on a one to one basis with her EFT clients. I think she will be manifesting her dreams daily!


Trudy has always been interested in all things spiritual and metaphysical.

Since her childhood, she always sensed and felt the energies of other people and animals. She’s clairsentient, a huge-hearted empath, very intuitive and powerful energy worker/ healer and EFT Coach, and now uses the gift she was born with, to assist people and their precious pets.

When Trudy gave up her position as a Social Worker, she re-trained as an EFT Practitioner & a Reiki Master/Teacher. She prefers EFT over Reiki as it’s such a powerful and quick way that ensures fast and life-changing results.

The benefits of EFT are truly transformational!

EFT can help absolutely ANYTHING you’re struggling with right now in your life and assists you in letting go of all the trapped emotions & the stuck energy that has been holding you hostage for so many years.  

Limiting beliefs that you have formed over the years are probably not even your beliefs, but they are still playing out in your energy field and your life. Those trapped emotions and energy blockages need to be cleared for you to live your best life.

Until you have dealt with all these trapped emotions and energy blocks you cannot move forward as your trapped emotions will keep you stuck, and that’s where EFT is a potent tool, and it works so quickly too. 

Feel free to contact Trudy as to how she can best support you with EFT because if nothing changes, nothing changes. She’s here to help you, but you have to take the first step.

‘TRUDY’S WORLD’ ~ When you know Trudy you’ll realise that everything below is true!

Trudy is so easy going, a bit of a technophobe, she lives in her ‘own little world’ sometimes,  a scatterbrain,  a daydreamer, and a bit ‘ditzy’ but her heart is in the right place. She will make you feel at ease from the word go. Her energy is gentle, and if you like a giggle, you’ll love working with her. It’s not unheard of for her to get the giggles at the most inappropriate times, but hey, that’s just Trudy!!!

It was a natural progression from Social Work as Trudy primarily wants to help and support, and empower others. 


Her mission in life is to promote, healing & offer support to women who are struggling with anxiety, stress, worry, fears, phobias, chronic pain, panic attacks, relationship problems and in any area of their lives. She is a fantastic coach who will give her all, go the extra mile and honestly, nothing is too much for her. She wants to support you in every way she can.

She can teach you how to heal your pets by teaching you Reiki so you can use it on yourself, friends, family, & clients if you take the Reiki 2 Practitioner Course with her, Animal Reiki, OR she can offer both you and your pets distant healing through one to one sessions.  

Her ‘Energy Tool Kit’ includes various oils and essences, crystal elixirs, crystals and a gorgeous, bespoke animal crystal kits specially made to order for you and your precious pets. – 


For an animal crystal kit, please email Trudy as these are made with love by her lovely friend and crystal expert, Mo Josephine Prowse. You can connect with Mojo by visiting either her website or her Facebook page right here  Mojolistic – Crystals & More

Heres the link to the bespoke, absolutely beautiful animal healing crystal kit  Pet Healing Crystal Kit


You can find out more about her and the services Trudy offers here on her website however; she’s in the process of changing and updating her website at the moment.

Once again, if you want to connect with Trudy, then feel free to drop her an email at —

Please feel free to check out the services she offers which range from energy healing for people and their pets along with teaching Reiki from Reiki Level 1 right through to the Reiki Master Level. 

EFT and Energy Healing Services are done via video call.

What better than to have access to all these services from the comfort of your own home! Especially now due to the current crisis with the COVID 19 Pandemic!

It makes sense to work remotely, and all of her services are done just that way!

All energy work offered by Trudy is individual and bespoke, tailored precisely to your needs and requirements. As mentioned before, you begin by having an initial Clarity Call to see how best to work together to attain the best results.


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Trudy is a Member of The Reiki Healing Association and The Guild of Energists.

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