There are several different ways you can communicate with animals.

Physical Communication

Whenever you are trying to communicate with an animal, you need to understand that they are not human, and the way they communicate with us is through what makes sense to them. 

For example, one of our dogs (Mr Darcy), when asked, 

“What do you want?” will run to the hall and go and get his football.

This obviously means that he wants to go out and play with his ball, which he does every day!

If we ask our other little dog Daisy, 

“What do you want?” she will lick her nose and that means she wants a treat. I can hold something out to her, she will sniff it and if it is not what she wants, she will point her nose toward the other packet of treats that she prefers. 

She is talking to me physically in the only way she knows how. The same is with going outside – she will go to the front door and sit and look at me and then at the door and wait.

If I do not respond, she will run over to me and back to the door, look at me and look at the door. She cannot speak to me with words in my language, but she talks to me in her own way, as do all the animals we have, including the cats.  

Lulu one of our little kittens, as soon as she hears or sees me put the kettle on, she will jump up on the kitchen surface and wait for me to give her a little bit of squirty cream. She absolutely loves it and really enjoys her ‘secret treat’ as the other cats don’t do this.

All animals try to physically speak to you through motions, gestures and sounds. You must pay close attention so that you can understand what the animal is telling you.

Animals are extremely intelligent and can learn to recognise certain words and understand what we are saying to them.

These will be simple words that are repeated with a specific action that always follows the word, and any animal will learn to recognise and understand over time.

For example, my dogs have learned words like “walkies”, “want”, “treat”, “stay”, “sit”, “lay down”, “come on”, “wait”, “bedtime”, their names,”soccer time”, “tegger time” (which translates as a Dental Stick after they’ve had their evening meal and their last walk.  They get all excited after their last walk as they know their harnesses are coming off and they’re getting their ‘tegger stick’ and ‘meat’ before they settle down for bed.

Our kittens and cats are really funny, no matter where in the house or garden (in the catio – as I have a large outdoor cat enclosure to keep them all safe) as soon as I shout the words “kittens, chicken” they fly down the stairs, you can hear them jumping off the beds and window sills and they fly through the cat flap literally at bullet speed because they have learnt that as soon as I shout those particular words, they get their fresh chicken each night and then the cat flap is closed and they know it’s time to come in and settle down for bed.  

It was so funny, we started doing this when we acquired the 3 feral kittens as a way of gaining their trust and letting them get used to us by hand feeding them.  

Now,  it’s not only the kittens that have the chicken every night it’s each and every one of our fur babies, all 11 cats and the 2 dogs!  

It has become an expensive habit but they’re totally worth it.

If you pay close attention to animals, you will be able to see and recognise how much of your language they can and do learn.

The physical communication between you and animals is a part of being able to understand them and for them to understand you.

As animals and humans are different species, we can still communicate effectively with each other.

There’s no need for there to be a barrier between species. Use everything you can to help you break down this difference in communication and language, and you will discover that it is much easier to then move to the level of telepathic communications with an enhanced ability for both animals and humans to understand each other.

Telepathic and Psychic Communication with Animals

When you communicate with animals, any animal, telepathically or psychically, you will receive messages in various ways.

You may see flashes of images, feel certain feelings, smell or taste something connected to the animal’s memory. 

Sometimes you will hear the message in your own language, which is your Higher Self translating for you. 

All of these things will give you insight and clues to what the animal has experienced or what the animal is trying to tell you.

There are four parts to psychic communications with animals.

The first is the Telepathic, which comes from the animal’s past memories and/or the present.

The information may not be complete because the animal’s memories, like our own memories, may be distorted with time, or parts may be forgotten. 

In this form of communication, you will need to put the pieces together like a puzzle to form the big picture.

The second part is Imprinting. 

There is no such thing in reality as time and space. Everything takes place in the present. Time is not linear and horizontal, but vertical. In other words, everything exists in the present, stacked on top of each other.

Therefore, when you are doing this type of psychic work, you will be actually stepping into a parallel time of existence, in which you will be able to receive various imprints of the energies there – (the events that have happened). 

You may see the event, feel it, etc, which allows you to experience the event that has taken place in some way. This also takes place in the past and present but does not rely on the animal’s memories of an event or thing.

The third part of psychic communications with animals is seeing and feeling the animal’s energies. 

This allows you to see the animal’s chakras and aura.

All living things have auras, and all animals have chakras that are just like our own. 

The colours of the chakras of animals are the same as ours and relate to the same areas of the physical body.

The first chakra (root chakra) is red and located at the base of the tail area, the bottom of their spine or coccyx.

The second chakra (navel or centre), is orange and located in the abdomen.

The third chakra (solar plexus) is yellow and located in the area just below the rib cage or the pit of the stomach. 

The fourth chakra (heart chakra) is green and located in the heart area. 

The fifth chakra (throat chakra) is blue and is located in the throat area.

The sixth chakra (third eye) is purple or indigo and is located in the area just slightly above and between the brow.

The seventh chakra (crown) is white, though some people may see this as purple, and is located at the crown or top of the head.

The eighth chakra is the Brachial Chakra – Animals have a chakra that we don’t have and that’s this brachial chakra.  The brachial chakra is situated just above the heart and if you look at an image it’s sort of in line with the shoulder of the animal, and that links ALL the major chakras centres for the animal-human bonding place to start healing.  The colour of the brachial chakra is black.

The fourth part of psychic communication with animals is to connect to your Higher Self so that the messages you receive will be better understood by you. 

The Higher Self can interpret the sensations, the bits and pieces of information that you receive and help you understand. 

Also, your Higher Self can help the messages you send to the animal to be better understood by the animal.

Your Higher Self knows what is being communicated between you and the animal and can even act as a translator. Any Spiritual or Animal Spirit Guides you have, may all play a part in helping you and the animal receive and send messages back and forth enabling both parties to understand the messages more clearly.

I hope you’ve found this information useful – have you ever practised asking your pet a question without actually speaking the words?  Try calling them (in your head) silently and see if they look at you. You can also send them a picture of their lead or in Darcy’s case a picture of his football and he’ll immediately look at you with his big brown hopeful eyes.  Have a go and let me know how you get on as I’d love to know.

I’m no expert in animal communication but it’s something that I’m learning, so I thought I’d share some snippets with you today.

Love Trudy xox

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