Grief in surviving pets – how to help a grieving cat

Looking to find out if animals grieve, or how to help a grieving cat?

Although grief in animals is not well understood currently, you may recognise changes in behaviour in your cats, which may be attributed to grief. While the question of ‘do animals grieve?’ has been widely debated, some animals show varying degrees of grief-attributed behaviour. Others may show no outward signs at all.

In a multiple cat household, the death of a cat can lead to surviving cats showing less inhibition and a new willingness to seek attention from their owner.

While it is important to remember that each cat will behave differently in their grief, there are some common behaviours that may be seen while a cat adjusts to the death of a housemate.

These include:

changes in appetite
changes in sleep patterns
unsettled, restless, wandering around
increase or decrease in confidence
searching and crying
increased or reduced interest in other activities
loss of confidence or a general sadness
attention seeking
in contrast, a pet may not appear to be missing the deceased pet at all
increased use of space in the house

How can I help my cat grieve?

If your cat has died, you’re likely to be worried about the cat that is left behind. Helping pets cope with death can be tricky – their grief is as individual as it would be for you, or any other family member. If you’re worried about how to help a grieving cat, you can try the following:

Stick to a familiar routine. This is helpful in helping your cat adjust to the change in the household

Avoid spending increasing amounts of time with an existing cat following the death of your pet – an increase in attention can be stressful and intense, combined with the potential stress of losing their companion

Think before you introduce another pet into your household. It usually takes some time for cats to settle and for a relationship to form. Assessing your cat’s needs is important at this time when the remaining cat is adjusting to the change

Do cats know when another cat is dying?

There is no evidence to suggest whether cats are aware that their feline friend is dying, and all cats are different in their behaviour.  When Jasper my elderly cat was nearing his end, we had 5 kittens and one of them didn’t leave Jasper’s side for about a year.  Jasper went blind instantly overnight and Minnie used to lay with Jasper and follow him around, Minne really really loved Jasper.  When Jasper was very poorly at the end, Minnie used to sort of ‘talk to Jasper’ by making little chirruping sounds.  I know that Minnie misses Jasper.  And I pay extra attention to Minnie for being such a lovely girl to Jasper.  She’s one of the timidest out of the three feral kittens we rescued from my mum’s garden.  And she was the last to be caught so she is warier of humans than Kiki and Coco, her brother and sister.

In some cases, cats seem to understand that the other cat is experiencing pain. They may show this by either acting distressed on their behalf or by appearing sad or withdrawn. Or,  as previously stated they can actually seek out and take care of the other pet. 

However, some cats can appear indifferent to their fellow cats who are ill.

Should I show the dead body of my pet to my surviving cat?

If your cat has died from a cause that doesn’t pose a risk of infection to other cats, and you feel comfortable doing so, you can show your cat the body of your deceased cat. There is, however, no studies to suggest that this aids the grieving process in your cat. And it’s not something personally I would do.  Jasper was cremated after he was put to sleep so I didn’t have that issue, however, Freddie one of my other cats got run over earlier last year and we buried him in the garden but I wouldn’t have dreamt of showing the other cats his body.  But take what you need, what’s right for me, is not necessarily be what’s right for you <3 

Should I get a new pet to keep my cat company?

Before you think about getting another cat as a companion for your current cat, it is important to think carefully. Grief is entirely personal to you – you might find that you want to adopt another cat almost immediately or wait until you have come to terms with your loss. Don’t rush the experience – do what is best for you.

It is also important to remember that while your cat might display behaviour changes and even appear to miss their feline friend, cats do not need companions to be happy. In fact, cats prefer mostly to live on their own due to their solitary nature. However, I have 9 cats now and they all live perfectly happily together with the exception of Lenny and Lulu who I can’t leave unsupervised with our other cats as they are really nasty to my elder cats.  So at bedtime, they sleep in my daughter’s bedroom separate from the rest of the cats and if I need to go anywhere else they are either in the bedroom or in the kitchen away from the others

I hope that this helps you. 

If you have any questions or want any Reiki Healing for your pets, or you would like to try EFT aka Tapping with your pets then please contact me. 

You can contact me by emailing me or by sending me a message on my Facebook page or sending me a message on Instagram.

Hope this helps,

Trudy xox






Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about Reiki and explain what it is and how it can help you in the most amazing ways.

The word Reiki is composed of two Japanese words – Rei and Ki. It is pronounced RAY KEE.

Rei is often defined as ‘Spiritual’ and Ki as ‘energy’, so roughly translating the Japanese word we get ‘spiritual energy’ or ‘universal life-force energy’

Ki is the non-physical energy that animates all living things.

Ki is flowing in everything that is alive including plants, animals and humans


YOU are energy, I AM energy, animals are energy, objects are energy, the table, the chair, the ceiling the floor are all made up of energy.

So when we think of ourselves as being ‘energetic beings’ we can understand more easily that if there are any energetic imbalances within our body then we can become sick, or not function as we should.

That can affect our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Think about this as an example, when you were a child and you hurt yourself and you went running to your mum and she kissed it better, that is actually a form of energy work!

If we have pains in our body, we instinctively hold our hands over our bodies where we hurt or where the pain is, and instinctively we know what to do. Again you are working with your own energy!

<3 Everyone can use Reiki <3

All you need is to learn how to do it and receive an ‘Attunement’ – where the Reiki Master gives the sacred energetic codes & symbols to the Reiki student and opens up their channels for the energy to flow through so they can perform Reiki. This is done on a 1-1 basis. Or I do it on a 1-1 basis. It can be done in person or distantly. When energy work is done ‘distantly’ it is called ‘remote’ healing, or ‘remote’ Attunements, ‘remote or distant’ healing.

Reiki is a non-invasive, completely benign healing technique which has become THE MOST POPULAR energy healing modality.

As Western medicine continues to explore alternative methods of healing, Reiki is destined to play an important role as an ACCEPTED & RESPECTED healing practice which is now widely used in hospitals and hospices.


Reiki reduces stress, illness, emotional and physical dis-ease.


During a Reiki session, the practitioner places their hands on or above the client’s body and they activate the energy so it starts to flow from their hands. They place their hands over specific areas of the body BUT the energy will go EXACTLY where it is needed. Reiki is a really intelligent energy and it’s a beautiful energy to work with.

<3 INTENTION is vital during ALL modalities of energy work, remember even our THOUGHTS are energetic so you always set the INTENTION that the Reiki is used for the highest and greatest good of all concerned.

It is also really important to remember that we are only CHANNELS or VESSELS for the Universal Life Force Energy to flow through. <3


Rub your hands together briskly, then put your hands in front of you with your palms facing each other, (as if you are going to clap), slowly, very slowly push your hands together and slowly move them apart. As you do this, you will find a ‘resistance’ type of feeling, keep doing it and you will find that you can really ‘feel’ the energy between your hands……

This is energy, you can now feel the energy!

Try the exercise again and try to mould that energy into a ball. If you’ve done that, you’ve made a chi ball (a ball of energy)


Anyone can learn Reiki, absolutely anyone and when you can use Reiki you can use it for every single thing in your life, (as I mentioned before), you can send Reiki to your food, your drinks to infuse them with healing energies, you can send it to objects like your car, (so it starts up) you can make a huge reiki chi ball and place it completely around your home – may be so nothing goes wrong with your home or to keep it protected and safe – Reiki can be used on crystals, technology, relationships, projects, your house. It will work on everything and anything, how amazing is that?

Animals are very energy sensitive. I have 6 cats & 2 dogs and whenever I do Reiki they gravitate towards me. I often give my furbabies healing when they are sat on my lap or beside me. When they have had enough they get up and move away. You can also give Reiki to wild animals and that’s a lovely thing to do.

Plants and trees love Reiki. I often re-energise my plants & flowers. If I see a plant wilting I will send some energy & in no time it’s thriving again.

Water (infuse it with Reiki energy) – I ‘Reiki’ my water and my food. It can all be infused with the universal source energy.

Crystals can also be charged & infused with Reiki energy.

So to re-cap, Reiki can be used on crystals, technology, relationships, projects, your house, it will work on EVERYTHING with your intention of healing.

Reiki is like a muscle the more you use it the stronger it becomes.


It is safe to use Reiki on children and pregnant women & babies. It is 100 % safe & totally natural.

Reiki can do NO HARM whatsoever.

You can also use Reiki to help people pass over to the other side when they are dying (or making the transition). It is now widely used in many hospices and hospitals.

When you get more advanced in energy work you can also use energy work to help lost souls (attachments) or whatever you like to call them to transition smoothly.


You can write your AFFIRMATIONS AND INTENTIONS on paper and put them into a Reiki Box and send healing to your Reiki Box on a daily basis.

You can put people’s names in the Reiki Box who need healing and send healing to the Reiki Box with the intention that it is going to the relevant people.

You will see significant changes in all areas of your physical, emotional and spiritual health & wellbeing if you use Reiki on a regular basis.

I absolutely LOVE Reiki and am so passionate about it so I want to share it with everyone.

If you are interested in learning Reiki then feel free to contact me or visit the Reiki Online Course I have here – just click on the link below.

Love Trudy x








This is my Love Bubble Technique that I’m sharing with you all 🙂

It’s a simple exercise to align your vibration and open you to the experience of more love in your life.

By having unconditional love for yourself invites self-acceptance, self-love and self-forgiveness, also aligning and raising your energy accordingly.

Love Bubble Technique:

Visualize yourself being surrounded in a bubble of pale pink light. Imagine this pink light of love surrounding you and immersing you in the energy of love, washing away and dissolving any resistances to that love (any past hurts, wounds, loss, grievance, loneliness, pain, isolation, grief, etc.).

Imagine and feel this pale pink light entering into your body and being absorbed into your cells, nourishing and soothing you with the wondrous healing power of love.

Bathe in the vibration of this pink bubble of love and enjoy!

You can also imagine putting people you love or objects (such as your home or car) in a pink bubble to send them love! I do this regularly and I also put my fur babies in a bubble of love and protection 😊

This simple technique is also especially useful to use with a negative person as it sends loving energy outwards and inwards.

Really, it is my way of sending positive intention & energy to another person, animal or situation.

“Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.” ~ Louise Hay.

Have a go and send a love bubble to someone 😊❤️

Love Trudy xox






7 Ways to send healing energy to an animal, person or plant.

Our thoughts are powerful. So strong that it’s often enough only to think of someone to send him a small stream of energy.

We are all energy beings and we all have energy that flows within and around us. When we become aware of this energy and its potential, we can use it for healing the people that we care about and aid the healing of the whole world.

Being able to send energy is not a privilege or a talent. As a matter of fact, we can all do it and as long as we are open and sure whom we would like to send healing energy there should be no problem.

Here’s how to send healing energy to another person, animal or plant from a distance.

1. Prepare the space 

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

Try to ensure you have enough space and make sure to be clean.

2. Calm your mind

To calm your mind take a few deep breaths…keep inhaling and exhaling for some time and then set your intention to send healing energy.

You can even say the name of the person to whom you are sending healing energy out loud.

3. Raise your energy

To send a positive air healing energy, start to rub his hands in a circular motion until you feel the energy between them.

You should be able to feel the pulse of energy from the hands when you pull them slowly.

4. Make a ball of energy

Once you feel the energy flowing through your hands, imagine how you are shaping it into a sphere. You can also give these energy balls color, depending on the type of healing you want to send:

Blue: emotional healing
Orange: physical healing
White: spiritual healing / general healing
Green: heart healing
Purple: psychic protection

Focus your attention on this energy ball, visualize how it’s growing bigger, stronger and more powerful with every breath you take.

5. Send the energy

When you feel that your energy ball is strong enough, imagine how you are sending it to the person, plant or animal you chose.

You can even imagine how the person receives the energy and feels its pleasant healing effect.

6. Recharge your batteries 

After you send healing energy, it is important to recharge your batteries by grounding the energy. This could include a walk in nature, meditation or taking a relaxing bath.

Sending healing energy to another person is a very powerful tool and a great way to help others when you can not be physically with them.

7. A couple of important things to remember

  • The quality of your healing energy depends on you, so avoid sending it when you are physically ill or feel emotionally drained.
  • It is not necessary to inform the person you are sending healing energy to that you are doing it, but if you tell him or her about it, they might be more open to receiving the energy.
  • Healing energy must be sent with love. If you feel any negative emotions towards the person you are sending the energy to, stop.
  • Whatever you send returns to you – times three. This means that no matter what kind of energy you send out into the world, it will come back to you three times stronger.

Distance healing is a valuable and powerful tool that anyone can learn to use. So, if someone you know needs a  dose of healing energy, try sending them some.

If you would like to book a healing session with me either in person or distantly, then please click on the link below 

OR you could go one step further and enrol in my online Reiki Level 1 Course.  You can find out all about it here on the link below.

I hope you’ve found this info helpful.

Love Trudy x





Raise Your Vibration Using The Reiki Precepts


As part of our Level 1 Reiki training, we are certain to learn of Usui’s precepts and the benefits that these bring to our lives as we start to apply them daily.

When I’m teaching, I love to explain how the precepts can gradually change our way of thinking and acting/reacting as we apply them on a daily basis.  I also like to emphasize what my original Reiki teacher told me, on my Level 1 course, about how very clever Usui was by adding the simple preface of “Just for Today” before each precept making them attainable for us all.

But today I awoke with a very specific thought about how the precepts can help raise our vibration.

How The Precepts Affect Our Vibration

As we know the precepts begin:

Just for today…

  • Do not be Angry
  • Do not Worry

Worry and Anger are both low vibrational emotions.  In fact, as far as the spectrum of emotion goes, they’re pretty much the bottom of the pile (except for despair and hopelessness).

So, it’s no wonder that Usui then went on to add…

Just for today…

  • Be filled with Gratitude

This is a far more positive emotion and one that is far higher on the vibrational scale.

The fifth precept also states…

Just for today…

  • Be kind to people and yourself

What is this teaching us other than to show compassion and love for everyone (and by extension, everything) and very important to ourselves?  The emotions of love and compassion are pretty much the top of the pile when it comes to vibration.

A Way to Apply This in Daily Life

Daily we are bombarded by news of things that are focused on the negative.  That is focused on bringing down our level of vibration. Even if you avoid newspapers and news programmes you will not be able to escape the barrage of information about the terrorist threat, climate change and Brexit etc.

Think about that for a moment.  What is that potentially doing to your vibrational state?

Over my lifetime there has been a constant supply of such fear-inspiring issues: Cold war, the threat of global nuclear destruction, oil running out, global financial crises, housing market crashes and the list goes on and on.

Looking back at my own life, for more than four decades, this led to me living in a state of fear and trepidation.  For example, as a child, I had repeated nightmares about war!

When we live predominantly in this emotional state it weakens who we are.  It suppresses us as individuals. It stops us from reaching our real potential and living a contented and fulfilling life.  This is a HUGE deal! We cannot, MUST not, allow this to be the case!

So, what if we connect all of these kinds of negative emotional triggers to our five Reiki precepts?

If we do, then we will no longer worry about them.  We will no longer be angry about what is happening around Mother Earth.  Instead, we will be moved by LOVE and COMPASSION and act on that basis. As we do, we move and act from a far more empowering emotional standpoint.  AND, through our example, we lead others to do the same!!


So, Just for Today, can we avoid acting from fear and anger?

Can we move to a place where we never act from worry or despair?

If we can, then we can become moved and motivated by LOVE, by COMPASSION, and a desire to help mankind and this beautiful planet upon which we live from a far more empowered stance.

Hope this has helped you today.

Trudy x




I thought that today I would write about how Reiki has helped me with my pets.

I have got a house full of pets and I am a huge animal lover.  Over the years we’ve had various different types of pets ranging from pet rabbits, a hamster and 2 pet rats.  Yes, I said RATS!  They were the most amazingly affectionate, intelligent and loving little creatures.  We no longer have the rats, hamster or rabbits but we have 11 cats and 2 border terrier dogs, one called Mr Darcy and the other one called Daisy.

On 28th November 2011 my cat Jasper, a big ginger boy went out into the garden and never returned.  Jasper didn’t stray far from the garden, he was usually laid in next door’s garden or in our garden sunning himself or chasing leaves around.  I was absolutely beside myself when he went missing.  I rang all the local vets, I ran around the houses calling his name and putting posters up on every lamp post and in shops.  I went to all the houses nearby me and asked them all to check their outbuildings and garages in case he was trapped in one of their buildings.  I put a poster and information on a pet missing website and the worst thing was ringing the local council to see if any cats had been killed on the road and taken away by the council……. Nobody had any news.  I was absolutely heartbroken.  I had bought Jasper when he was 10 weeks old and I absolutely loved him to pieces.

The days went by and I felt that Jasper was alive so I kept on hunting for him in the hope that he would return.  Every morning when I woke up the first thing I would do would be to rush downstairs and see if he had come back through the night and let himself in through the cat flap.  Nothing …….

I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that he was ‘still with us’ and that he was alive.  Because I intuitively ‘knew’ he was out there somewhere, I decided that I would send Reiki healing to him as wherever he was he would be frightened.  He would be cold, hungry, scared and maybe even injured.  When I sent healing I knew he was still with us but I couldn’t locate where exactly he was.  I just knew he was living rough somewhere and ‘surviving’ – The months went on and the 1st year anniversary of Jasper going missing came and went.  People kept telling me that he wasn’t going to come back and I would have to move on but I couldn’t.  I knew in my heart that he needed me and I wanted him back no matter what.

I am so so glad that I never gave up looking for Jasper because in February 2013 I checked the missing pets website and saw a photo of Jasper on the website that had been taken by a family who lived right the other side of town who had been putting food out for the ‘stray’ cat.  Immediately my heart began pounding and I just wanted to go and get him.  I rang the missing pet website and they gave me a contact number for the people who had placed the advert for the ‘stray’ cat.  I was over at their house within the hour and then I saw Jasper.  He was painfully thin, his fur was a mess (bearing in mind he had been living rough for 15 months and had been out in two horrendous snowy winters)

I walked towards Jasper and called his name, he stopped in his tracks and stared at me, he stepped forward as if he was going to come to me and then he stopped, turned around and ran.  I burst into tears, my heart was absolutely breaking.  I’d found him and he didn’t come to me.  The family assured me they would keep leaving some food outside and that I could go whenever I wanted to try and capture him.  I phoned Cat Protection Service and they said they would help me try and capture Jasper using one of their ‘cat traps’ – These are obviously just cat baskets that snap shut as soon as the cat goes partially into it to eat the food.  Jasper, however, was clever, he wouldn’t go far enough inside the cat trap to get caught.  I went up twice a day across to the other side of town putting food in the trap and willing Jasper to go into it.  I carried on sending healing and love.  A month later we still hadn’t caught Jasper but we saw he was sleeping in a garage so we put the trap in the garage and we managed to get him that way.

Finally, 16 months later Jasper was on my knee in the cat carrier in the car on his way back home.  He was petrified, bless his heart.  When I let him into our bedroom at home he went to try and find somewhere to die.  He had just about given up.  He was absolutely traumatised.  I spent hours and hours sending him healing, talking to him in a soft and gentle voice, I used special essences in his water to release trauma and stress.  It was a few weeks before he let me stroke him.  He was still really nervous around other family members but he was looking healthy and well, he’d gained weight and his fur was looking shiny and smooth instead of dirty and matted.

Had I not been able to send healing and connect with Jasper while he was missing I think he would have died.  I think he would have died alone and scared.  I believe Reiki enabled me to keep him ‘well’ both physically and send him ‘love and a feeling of comfort’ while he was missing.  I know for a fact that it helped me knowing that I was doing something positive for him.  I continued to give Jasper healing and I still do along with all my other fur babies.  Reiki really has been a Godsend to me and I am so blessed that I am able to draw on this wonderful energy and use it in amazing ways.

I hope this has given you some inspiration today.

Love Trudy x

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