Emotional freedom technique is not just for humans – it works for our animal companions too!

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or Tapping, can help with behavioural problems, anxiety issues, phobias and many other problems in cats, dogs and other companion animals. It’s a healing modality that can quiet the nervous system. EFT involves tapping on a sequence of certain acupressure points, mostly around the head and face, to release trapped emotions. EFT can release fears and troubling feelings in animals just as well as humans. It heals emotional wounds, can alleviate physical pain and helps animals in training to slow down and focus.

You and Your Pets

Our relationship with our pets affects their emotions. Let me explain:

In the wild, a pack of dogs or pride of cats has a natural leader they all look up to. They track the leader’s every move, as well as his thoughts and feelings, since their safety depends on him.

In human households, dogs and cats look up to us as leaders for their perceived safety. They are hardwired that way. When this perceived safety is threatened, for example, by the appearance of strangers they might feel are a threat, dogs and cats take matters into their own paws as part of the fight or flight mechanism. They might hide, bark, scratch, or engage in other fearful or aggressive behaviours.

Because so many households are busy and can sometimes be stressful with people juggling jobs, kids, financial issues and more, things can be a little chaotic and confusing for our pets who are looking to us for love and support.

Direct Tapping or Proxy?

I’m going to tell you all right now that I don’t use tapping directly on my pets as none of them like it at all. The cats get irritated and the dogs walk away. However, tapping by proxy passes on the benefits to your pets, provided your intention is aligned.  We will do this together via a Zoom online video call with you. I’ll guide you and you will tap along with me.

(Don’t worry if you don’t have Zoom, I send you a link and guide you through the easy process.)

How It Works

First, we tap to clear YOUR EMOTIONS so that we’ve got a clean and balanced, blank-slate energy to work with. 

We will do a round of tapping to clear the emotions you feel regarding your pet’s situation. There is always a set up statement with what you want to clear and then a positive round of tapping to set you back on track.

For example, if your pet is anxious and that makes you feel helpless and sad, we’ll clear that first. After that, we use tapping to affirm a positive statement which is the desired outcome. 

Then we will use what you or I intuitively feel are the emotions your pet is experiencing.

When tapping for my lovely cat Jasper, now passed, an example finishing statement would be, “Even though I’m an old boy now, I do well for my age, and I am happy. When my mum strokes me, I feel warm and connected to her.”

Remember, INTENTION is key to every healing modality; you don’t need to touch the animal for EFT to work. But you do need to be aligned to the potential of a positive outcome.


A few of the issues Pet EFT can help with:

  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Separation anxiety
  • Pain (obviously, consult your VET first)
  • Trauma
  • Over-excitement
  • Lack of trust
  • “Spoilt” behaviour
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Rescue animals
  • Ex-feral kittens/cats
  • Nervousness

 I use EFT for all of my dogs, cats and kittens when there are behavioural or emotional issues.

For example, I had feral kittens who did not like being indoors at first. They showed it by scratching the wallpaper off, scratching the woodwork and pulling up carpets. EFT has helped them to settle harmoniously. My little dog Daisy’s separation anxiety has been helped hugely by EFT. Tapping has helped me and my furbabies, and I know this work will help you too.


NOTE: If your pet is ill or in pain, you still need to take it to the vets. Energy healing is a complementary therapy to be used alongside traditional medicine.

If you want to try tapping on your own pets, here are a few pointers:

First of all, if you’re not sure about doing it yourself, book a first session with me for your pet and take it from there if you want to carry on.  


Cat and Dog EFT tapping points:

With a few exceptions, the location of tapping points for EFT is mostly the same for both humans and animals (see diagram).

Inside of the eye

Outside of the eye

Under the eye

On top of the nose for longer-snouted dogs (you can skip this point for cats and dogs with “squashed” noses, such as pugs.)

Under the chin

On the chest

Top of the head.

Each of these points is tapped using two fingers. As with all healing modalities, INTENTION is key when doing EFT. For example, to help an animal release fear, panic, grief, anxiety or depression, you just need to identify the overriding emotion and tap on the points. You can even tap while saying something like, “this grief, this grief, so much grief”. Eventually, some of the grief will subside. 

Even if you just very gently tap around the top of the head of your pet, you will often see a sense of relief come over them. Tapping the top of the head can provide a great sense of relief to the animal’s entire nervous system and stimulates the immune system. Often, you will see the parasympathetic nervous system kick in, and the dog or cat will start to lick, chew, yawn or change their breathing pattern.


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