EFT For Animals (Emotional Freedom Technique or ‘Tapping’)

What is EFT?

Originally developed for people, EFT is a modern energy healing technique that works on the energy system, not on the physical body.

Unlike acupressure, you tap or touch very lightly, sending small energy pulses from your healing hands into your energy system, balancing and re-energizing it and clearing blockages as you do so.

Another main difference between the EFT and acupuncture and acupressure is that you use your intention and focus to direct which particular problem you are working on. In energy work, energy flows where attention goes and your intention is paramount at all times.

EFT will help you shift your own energy blockages and release trapped emotions in your energy body and in doing so you will  relax or release something that you focus your attention on.

DON’T Tap ON Your Animal!

When people first find out about Animal EFT, they immediately think that it is about tapping ON animals and ask where they should tap their animals.  Now I’ve got a house full of pets and I can tell you now that they don’t like being tapped on.  The cats don’t like it and our dogs just look at me as if to say, ‘mum, what are you doing to me?’  

Although of course animals do have a meridian system, many of the points are in places where animals truly do not like to be touched, never mind tapped on.

The wonderful thing about Animal EFT is that you DON’T tap on the animal directly, but you tap on yourself to make the changes happen.

This is called Proxy Tapping has lots of advantages:

  1. You can do it at any time and even anywhere – you do not have to be in the same room with the animal
  2. You can do it much more often than any animal would generally permit.
  3. You can help wild animals, animals that don’t belong to you, and animals that you can’t really touch much, such as birds and fish.
  4. Once you have learned the simple technique, you can use it on any problem, on any animal and you don’t have to know anything at all about their various meridian systems or points.


When you focus your attention on an animal, you connect your energy system with theirs. 

As with all energy work, intention is key.

When you keep the focus of your attention on a specific aspect of that energy system (a problem, disease, behaviour, state of mind and so on) and you change YOUR system by tapping on the points, YOU ARE ALSO CHANGING THEIRS through the connection.

Thousands of people all over the world have been absolutely astonished to find that by tapping on themselves whilst holding another living being’s problems in their mind, they can make changes without touching them or even being in the same room.

I don’t expect you to believe this right away. I didn’t believe it either when I first heard about it. But I tell you, when I’ve worked on all of our beautiful 10 cats and 2 gorgeous dogs, after an hour, just because you have tapped a few rounds of EFT on yourself, a shiver goes down your spine and you KNOW you made that happen as if by magic, it is a real convincer experience for the reality of modern energy work.  

I’ll give you my most recent experience of EFT on one of my gorgeous kittens.  Lenny who had a serious urinary problem was urinating blood and it seemed like he also had cystitis as he was in and out of the litter tray literally every few minutes.  I was scared that his bladder may be blocked (as I’ve got another cat who had urinary problems and had 4 urgent operations to unblock his bladder otherwise if their bladder bursts then it can prove fatal) so we rushed him to the vets – Lenny was terrified and was so stressed he was actually panting like a dog.  He was trembling and really really scared and anxious.  The vet said they would do an ultrasound scan and if necessary the surgery to unblock his bladder.  I got home and felt like crying, I hate my animals being sick and especially leaving them at a vets when I know how scared they are being amongst all the other animals that are barking, distressed and the cats crying.  So when I got home I thought I would tap on my feelings first as I was feeling really really upset.  I did a few rounds of EFT and eventually I felt calm.  I knew Lenny was in the right place and the vets would make him better.   

Once my energy was clear (you can’t work on any animal if your energy is not clear or you’re stressed because they are so energy sensitive they pick up on your emotions )  I began tapping for Lenny.  I set the intention that he was calm and peaceful and not afraid.  I did several rounds of tapping before I intuitively knew he was feeling more calm.  So I phoned the vets after I’d tapped on myself and Lenny and they said Lenny was fast asleep in his pen and it was as if he was a different cat to the cat I took there.  My heart was full of love and gratitude that I could help Lenny when he needed me the most.  So honestly, hand on heart, I helped myself and I also helped Lenny just by tapping.  That’s why I LOVE EFT so much now as it’s immediate.  You get instant results.

The Animal EFT Protocol

Focus Your Intention: Tuning In

Think about the animal and what specifically you would like to release, soothe or change.

Make A Statement Of Intent: The Set Up Statement

Find a phrase or a sentence that describes the problem succinctly and clearly to you. You can say, “Daisy is so anxious when she knows I’m going out.” or “Darcy is scared stiff of fireworks and is inconsolable.” or, “This horse in the field is distressed.” if you don’t know the animals’ name.

Tap The EFT Round

The Heart Centre. 

This is where we start and finish our round of EFT by placing both hands flat on the centre of the chest in the Heart Healing Position and take three deep breaths in and out. We say the Set Up statement three times and then we begin to tap.

On each point, you can repeat the original set up or choose a shortened version, the Reminder Phrase, to keep you focused.

Now tap on:

Karate Chop Point – on the side of your hand, roughly in line with your life line, now whilst I’m tapping on this point I’m saying the set up statement three times.

Start Of The Eyebrow – Where the bone behind your eyebrow turns into the bridge of your nose.

Side Of The Eye – On the bone in the corner of your eye.

Under The Eye – On the bone just below your eye, in line with your pupil if you look straight ahead.

Under The Nose – Between you nose and your upper lip

Under The Chin – In the indentation between your chin and your lower lip

Under The Collarbone – In the angle formed by your collarbone and the breastbone

Under The Arm – for women this is around the area your bra strap is

Top Of The Head – gently tap on the crown of your head

And to finish the round of EFT, back to the Heart Healing Position where we take three deep breaths in and out.

Take a moment now to rate your intensity of how you feel compared to where you started on a scale of 0 to 10 – 10 being the most distressed/upset/anxious and zero being the least.

Tips On Tapping EFT

The EFT treatment points are stimulated by tapping lightly on them.

Even though we are using our physical hands on our physical body, we are not trying to massage muscles, bones or tissue but instead it is our energy hands tapping on our energy body which produce the results.

Each individual tap is like closing an electric circuit.

As such, tapping “harder” doesn’t do the trick; but tapping with awareness and paying attention to the contact between your fingertip and your body as you tap really helps.

You can tap with either hand on either side of the bilateral points. Normally people will tap with the index finger of their leading hand on the opposite side of the face. You can choose either side on the bilateral points.

Try now tapping the point under your eye, with your index finger, quite gently and rhythmically, as many times as it takes for you to take a normal breath in and out.

The strength of tapping should be light, just enough so that you feel a resonance from the tapping spreading out across a reasonable part of that side of your face when you pay close attention.

Different people have different speeds of tapping, and the speed of tapping often relates naturally to what we are tapping on.

Start with the Heart Healing position and tap all the points from the Top Of The Head to the Karate Chop point, ending up with the Heart Healing position at the end, right now to get the feel of doing EFT.

Remember to breathe deeply throughout and move towards finding a rhythm between the tapping and your breath so that the EFT round flows easily and smoothly all the way from the beginning to the end.

A single EFT round is from Heart Healing to Heart Healing, with all the points from the Top of the Head to the Karate Chop point in between.

Improve The Energy Flow

When you tap EFT for an animal, let the feelings be your guide.

You can feel in your own body when the energy flow starts to improve.

In all modern energy work, it is extremely important to not just “tap the bad feelings away” but to keep tapping further rounds until you feel energized, happy, even bliss, calm and feeling like you’re floating on air!

Once you can feel the pain or the problem has gone, think of positive energy forms you want to send to the animal and tap on those instead – love, courage, joy, strength, health all are good energies to send to the animal you’re tapping on.

Keep going until you really feel energy tingling in your own body and you KNOW you did a good job because you can FEEL that you did.


training problems

house training problems

health problems

temperament problems

relationship problems (what drives YOU crazy!)

relationship problems with other animals, jealousy, aggression

attention seeking behaviours, repetitive behaviour disturbances

stress and nervousness

fears, phobias, self esteem

unhappiness, resentfulness, lack of social skills

sadness, depression, lack of joy in life


pain, discomfort, disturbance, disease

past traumas, mistreatment, mishandling, misuse

… and anything and everything you can perceive and focus your attention on.

EFT is amazing for your own  immune system and state of mind, and practice makes if not perfect, much better, much faster. 

I would love to  help you and your pets by using EFT.  It truly is a transformational energy healing technique.

To book a session please contact me via my facebook page or email me at trudy@awakeningtouch.co.uk

or click the button below –

These sessions will be done via video call either using Skype, Zoom etc.  I will email you the link for the session when we have agreed a mutually convenient time to do the work.  I truly love animals with all my heart and I would love to help you and yours.

Love Trudy x

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