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Essential Energy Care for Empaths


Strengthen your connection to your Higher Self/God/Source

Accelerate spiritual growth for yourself and others

Learn powerful energetic healing techniques for body, mind, emotions, and spirit

Develop the ability to clear negative energy in yourself and other people

Increase your ability to sense subtle energy

Enhance your intuition

Protect yourself from negative energy and people in your environment

Sensing ~ Increasing awareness of your energy and in other people and the environment

Cleaning ~ Removing dense or negative energy from your auric field

Protecting ~ Shielding your energy field from negative energy

There are three basic levels of consciousness: the subconscious, the super-conscious, and conscious awareness.

The Super- and sub-conscious comprise what we refer to as the nonconscious mind.

In energy work, the conscious mind provides intention, attention and process ~ the nonconscious mind does everything else.

This requires the practitioner to learn to be open and receptive to communications and perceptions from the non-conscious mind.

Success relies on being patient and accepting rather than striving and forcing.

1) Everything Is Energy

Quantum science has revealed that everything is simultaneously subtle energy and solid matter, which is the meaning of Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2.

You are energy, the air you’re breathing, the chair that you’re sitting on, the animals around you, rocks, trees, everything is energy.

And everything shares energy with everything else.

You are sharing energy right now with anything close to you including the couch, the people around you and whatever is nearby.

This is the basis of “energy empathy” that we will discuss later.

2) Energy Follows Thought

In a quantum universe, the conscious mind is the creator and director.

We know from quantum science and with actual scientific experiments that the human thought directs what happens at the subtle energy level or what the scientists would call quantum energy.

As the expression goes, “Energy flows where attention goes.”

This is the source of our ability to command subtle energy with our mind through visualizations.

3) Like Attracts Like

Your thoughts are like magnets, they attract to you energy, circumstances, and experiences that are consistent with those thoughts.

Your thoughts are also energy so your energy attracts to you what you’re experiencing in your world.

4) Effectiveness Is the Measure of Truth

When working with subtle energy, some people might argue whether it is valid or not since we aren’t using scientific method to prove things out.

We just consider the results we are getting, and if it is effective then we consider that to be the truth.

5) Intention Is Everything

As long as your intention is clear about what you’re trying to do – even if you don’t do the technique exactly right – you’re still going to get the results that you’re looking for.

All people exchange energy with other people and with their environment.

However, some people, who we call “Energy Empaths” are more sensitive to this process than most others.

Everyone experiences negative emotions over the course of their day.

We are designed energetically to be able to process this energy by grounding it out into the earth.

However, most people are “shut down” and cannot process this energy for themselves.

Their energy processing channels are too small or are blocked and so the energy stays bottled up.

You can think of it as building up like steam in a pressure cooker.

Energy Empaths have relatively large energy processing channels.

When they get close enough to a person with built up negative energy, it gets absorbed by the empath through a process much like osmosis.

People connect with one another energetically through “Aka cords.” These are etheric “tubes” that connect energy fields and allow for the transfer of energy and information.

Energy Empaths are born hard-wired to process energy from the environment—they begin doing so from the moment they are born.

This means that their energy fields will absorb and try to process the excessive or negative energy in other people’s energetic systems.

Most Energy Empaths have no control over this ability

Unless the Energy Empath has expanded their ability to process this energy transfer, this dense and/or negative energy might not be able to be processed through and harmlessly grounded out of their system.

When this happens, it “backs-up” into their system and can become stuck there, causing physical, mental and emotional distress.

Energy Empathy is a major factor in children in distress—behavioral problems, sickliness, hyper-sensitivity, etc.

The impact of negative energy on unskilled empaths can include all of the symptoms below and many more.

For this reason, it is very important that Energy Empaths be able to clean and protect their energy.

Feeling “blown-out” or overwhelmed by stimulus

“Bad” behaviours, especially those that are out of character (acting out)

Sudden mood swings or emotionality

Excess weight


Physical ailments: (these usually occur suddenly and without a visible cause)

Chronic or frequent illnesses





Sharp or dull aching pains


Muddled thinking


Joint pain

Blessing or Curse?

Many Empaths report that they feel that their empathic talent is a curse, that all they get from it is pain and discomfort.

However, the problem isn’t that they are processing other people’s negative energy, the problem is that they don’t know how to take care of their energy as they do this processing.

When you help another person dump off their negative energy, their energy frequency rises and they feel better and become more positive.

You literally “raise them up” and make them lighter.

The goal is to do this without any negative consequences to yourself.

Each body is composed of a different type of matter.

The vibration rate of the atoms at the physical level is the lowest and each higher level increases the vibratory rate with the Causal level being the highest

The first body is the physical body and it has the densest matter

The next layer is the energetic or etheric body.

This body is a mirror of the physical body with all of the organs and glands represented in it

Next is the astral/emotional body, which is much wider, and is affected by people’s feelings.

This layer changes color and shape depending on the feelings being experienced.

The next aura is the mental body, which is involved with the thought processes and intelligence of a person

The last aura is known as the causal body, soul, or higher self.

This is concerned more with perceptive feelings, intuition, and comprehension.

The Causal layer is an expression of the soul and so is built up over many lifetimes of accumulated soul experience


Chakras, otherwise known as the energy centres of the human body, have the function of grounding spiritual energies into the physical plane.

They are often described as “spinning wheels” of energy.

The major chakras are generally depicted as being aligned approximately along the vertical midline of the body.

Minor chakras are located in the palms of the hands, soles of the feet and at each joint, as well as at locations along the meridians of the body.

The Seven Basic Chakras Plus Soul Star and Earth Star

1) The Root Chakra — This is our connection to the physical plane and a symbol of our basic survival needs. An imbalance here can cause vanity, an obsession with the material, or the tendency to see things in “black and white.” Location: base of the spine. Color: Red

2) The Sacral Chakra — The source of our creative and procreative urges and drives, including sexuality. When this chakra is unbalanced, it can result in promiscuity, blind creative drive, or conversely it can create apathy or withdrawal from creative endeavors or sexual expression. Location: the genitals. Color: Orange

3) The Solar Plexus Chakra — This is the energy center for power and manifestation. An unbalanced solar plexus chakra will result in being underdeveloped, immature, overly sensitive, in blind rage and raw animal-like emotions, i.e. chaotic, out of control power. Location: solar plexus. Color: Yellow

4) The Heart Chakra — This is the energy center for love, both human and divine. When this chakra is unbalanced, the result can be a demanding, possessive nature, especially in love or one who is paranoid and codependent. Location: heart. Color: Green or Pink

5) The Throat Chakra — This is the center for expression and communication. When this chakra is out of balance, a person may be overly aggressive and dominant, talk too much, use speech to attack and hurt others, or be egotistical (telling herself she is, perhaps, more than she is); or in the inverse, be too timid to speak up for her rights or express her own thoughts, or live in denial of things which or situations which are harmful to her (not communicating with self). Location: throat. Color: Blue

6) The Forehead “Third-Eye” Chakra – This is the center for our psychic powers. When unbalanced, it can lead to psychic overload and mental breakdown, dogmatism, spiritual fanaticism and/or isolation; or in the inverse, insensitivity toward others, closed mindedness, bigotry and intolerance. Location: third eye just above and between the eyebrows. Color: Indigo

7) The Crown Chakra – Otherwise known as the thousand petaled lotus is our connection with the Cosmic or the divine. When it is unbalanced, one may lose touch with reality, become mentally unbalanced, or feel spiritually abandoned. Location: top of the head. Color: Violet

8) The Earth Star Chakra – This chakra is located about 12 inches beneath your feet. It connects the central channel into the earth grid, grounding the “Rainbow Bridge” of chakras into the planet. Color: Earth tones

9) The Soul Star Chakra – This energy centre is a vehicle of the Soul to communicate with and interact with the earthly incarnation. It can be called on to provide support, guidance, healing, love, and energy. Color: Brilliant white

To summarize, we can say these chakras represent our basic physical and spiritual needs:

Root Chakra — Survival and operation

Sacral Chakra — Creativity and procreation

Solar Plexus Chakra — Manifestation of desires

Heart Chakra — Love

Throat Chakra — Communication and expression

Forehead Chakra — Psychic connections and powers

Crown Chakra — Divine connection

Earth Star Chakra — Earth connection

Soul Star Chakra — Support and involvement from your Soul

All these energy centres are connected with each other through a central channel (Rainbow Bridge) that runs from above the Soul Star Chakra to below the Earth Star Chakra.

The purpose of this system is to create a mechanism that on an energetic level can manifest the divine into the physical plane.


It is very important to keep your energy bodies cleaned and maintained in good health. And because our environment is so filled with dirty and negative energy, this requires daily attention.

There are many ways to clean your auric field, several of which are described below.

Spiritual Waterfall

The Spiritual Waterfall technique is used to cleanse your energy bodies of loose negative energy and debris. It can also be used anytime you are around other people and start to feel that your auric field is picking up a lot of negative or dirty energy.

1) To do this technique, simply imagine yourself under a waterfall of white energy that completely covers your auric field

2) Visualize it cleansing all of the negative and dirty energy from your physical body and energy field and see it draining deep into the earth

3) Continue until your energy field is clean and bright

4) Optionally, use other colors for different effects: pale blue for cooling and calming, pale green for deeper cleansing, pale pink for soothing and love, red for prosperity and business opportunities, orange for fun

Salt Baths for Cleansing

You can physically clean your energy field by taking a bath with either Epsom salts or healthy salts such as Hawaiian, Himalayan, or sea salts. In a shower, you can rub the salts over your skin and then rinse them off.

Effect of Diet

Adopting a vegetarian diet (non-meat: eggs, cheese, & milk are okay) is very valuable for the spiritual aspirant.

People who eat a vegetarian diet have a greater degree of sensitivity and usually do not attract so many negative psychic conditions or parasitic entities as does the meat-eater.

Animals that are the basis of the modern meat-based diet are raised in “factories.” These factories subject the animals to horrific conditions for their entire short lives. These conditions produce negative emotions that are embedded into the animal’s bodies at a cellular level. In addition, their manner of death ensures that the animals are terrified at the time of death, which further pollutes the animal’s cells with dense and negative energy.

The expression “you are what you eat” is literally true.

When you eat animals with cells embedded with negative emotions, you are taking those emotions and adding them to your physical body, thus lowering your vibration and diminishing your sensitivity.

It is easy to see why a society that eats a diet such as this would fearful, violent, and unevolved spiritually.

The “Burn & Purge” Method

This is a rapid method for thoroughly cleansing dense or negative energy from your chakras, physical body, and auric field.

1) Visualize all of your chakras at once with the intention of seeing the quantity of dense or negative energy contained in them. Imagine all of that energy being burned to ashes instantly as with a super-hot white laser-like flame.

Purge the ashes from your chakras in an instant with a “flash flood” of white light. See the purged energy draining deeply into the earth and being absorbed there by the entities that use this form of energy.

Your chakras should be bright and shining. If not, repeat this process until they are clear

2) Visualize your physical body with the intention of seeing the quantity of dense or negative energy contained there. (This is actually your Etheric body.) Imagine all of that energy being burned to ashes instantly as with a super-hot white laser-like energy. Purge the ashes from your body in an instant with a “flash flood” of white light. See the purged energy draining deeply into the earth and being absorbed there by the entities that use this form of energy. Repeat this step using a hot red and yellow flame to burn off the densest, lower vibration energy. Your body should be bright and shining. If not, repeat the process

3) Visualize your auric field with the intention of seeing the quantity of dense or negative energy contained there.

Imagine all of that energy being burned to ashes instantly as with a super-hot white laser-like energy. Purge the ashes from your auric field in an instant with a “flash flood” of white light. See the purged energy draining deeply into the earth and being absorbed there by the entities that use this form of energy.

Repeat this step using a hot red and yellow flame to burn off the densest, lower vibration energy.

Your auric field should be bright and shining. If not, repeat this process until it is clear

4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 using a red/yellow flame to burn off lower vibration energy.

Energy Field Cleansing Machine

This is a quick way for removing energy hooks and objects and most dense and negative energy in your auric field and chakras.

Hooks are created by people who are trying to control, influence or manipulate you.

Objects come from people mentally projecting them at you

1) Visualize a machine consisting of a lighted platform with a ring of bright electric violet light at the top that is large enough to contain your entire auric field.

2) Visualize your body standing on the platform in an ultraviolet flame

3) Move the ring of light down your energy field starting from just above the top of your auric field.

As this ring of light moves down your energy field, visualize it using a laser-like circle of brilliant light to burn away any dense, negative energy or energy hooks

4) Continue until it has passed over your entire energy field and back to above your head

5) Cleanse any remaining energetic debris with the spiritual waterfall

Ridding Unwanted Energy Life Forms (E.L.F.’s) –

The Energy Net Techniques

The human body is host to literally millions of other organisms, it is quite literally an ecosystem where many organisms coexist and generally benefit each other.

In fact, 10% of your dry body weight is independent organisms that live in your body!

Your energy bodies are similar in that other energy organisms, which we refer to as Energy Life Forms (E.L.F.’s) at times cohabitate in your energy field.

Most of the time these are not noticeable.

However, sometimes they interfere with your energy field’s normal function, and they throw a “monkey wrench into the works.”

When this happens, it is important to pull the E.L.F’s out (like taking ticks off your physical body) and get rid of them.

The energy net is an easy and powerful technique that can also be used on yourself, other people, objects and animals to rid them of E.L.F’s.

Following are the steps for this process:

1) Begin by slowing your breathing

2) Invoke your higher-self participation by saying “As the Soul-infused personality and the personality infused with the Soul, I invoke the One”

3) Imagine a large net shaped like an oval made of high-vibration white light

4) Drop this net completely over the object or person to be cleared, including its entire energy field, and state the intention to “trap all negative E.L.F’s.” Know that any E.L.F’s within the net are now trapped. Command them to freeze and not resist—they must obey

5) Pull the net with the E.L.F’s trapped in it off the person or object

6) Now imagine a huge spinning vortex of energy in the ground, like you are looking into the top of the funnel. This vortex is a conduit to other dimensions

7) Command the E.L.F’s to “return to your source and stay there.”

Then extend the net deep into the vortex and see it and the E.L.F’s disappear

8) Sense the energy in the subject to confirm that the E.L.F’s are gone


Crossed Arms and Legs

When you fold your arms across your chest you shut off your energy field from other people. Crossing the arms closes off the upper body and crossing legs closes off the lower body.

This is a fast way to protect yourself from energetic or emotional attack.

However, to keep the energetic information flowing, put your attention on your crown and heart chakras and project love to the other person.

Protective Capsule

One of the most effective ways to protect yourself from negative energy and people for a longer period of time is to surround yourself with a protective capsule.

You do this by visualizing an egg-shaped capsule of light, usually white, completely surrounding your energy field. When you create this capsule, it is important that you imbue it with specific qualities:

Impenetrable to negative energy, intentions, influences, E.L.F’s, and thought forms

Open for positive energy and information to enter

A hole in the top to connect with your higher self ! A hole in the bottom to allow your negative energy to ground out

With a specific duration for how long you want the protection to last

Doubt weakens all energy work, so it is very important to hold a strong conviction and confidence in the effectiveness of your shield.

Also, negative thoughts and emotions on your part can weaken or destroy your shield.

So, it is important to stay calm and centered.

Triple Layer Protective Capsule

White light degrades over time because it is unstable.

A triple layer of light is much stronger than a single layer. Make your protective shield with two layers of brilliant white light and with an outer layer of deep purple or violet color. Making the outer surface a mirror helps reflect back any negative energy or attacks. The process is as follows: !

Invoke your divine guidance.

Visualize an oval shaped capsule of violet light around your entire energy field with two inner layers of white light.

Affirm silently “I am shielded from all negative energy and contaminants, all forms of attacks, all harm and danger. So be it.

This shield is impregnable and cannot be penetrated except for positive energy and information So be it.

This shield will last a duration of X hours. So be it. This shield is internally permeable. So be it.”

In crowded spaces, shrink the shield down to fit you like “shrink wrap.” Say “Shield, shrink tight against my skin.” To return it to its former shape, say “Shield return to your normal shape.”

Cutting AKA cords

Aka cords are etheric “tubes” that connect energy fields and allow for the transfer of energy and information.

These attach anytime you are physically close enough to other people for the energy fields to connect, or any time you think deeply about another person.

These cords can transfer energy away from you, causing you to feel tired or weak. They can also transfer energy into your system.

As an Energy Empath, this is usually dense, dirty, or negative energy that can have many negative impacts on your body, mind, and emotions if you cannot process it through quickly enough.

Cutting the negative Aka cords stops this transfer of energy.

1) The process to cut the negative Aka cords starts with visualizing the multitudes of cords where they connect in your solar plexus and abdomen

2) Then imagine cutting them right next to the skin with a sharp knife, or laser beam or other cutting object, saying as you do “cut negative cords”

3) Next, imagine drawing the ends back into your energy system and cover the area with ice to cool the heat from this process and then cover the ice with earth

4) Finally, mentally seal the area with metal (like a suit of armor) to complete the closure

Filtering AKA cords

Occasionally, your Soul will not let you cut an Aka cord because it is serving a higher purpose to keep it connected.

This usually happens when the Aka cord is with a close relative, but not always.

In these cases, you can filter the negative energy out before it reaches your body, and eliminate the negative affect on you.

1) Start by visualizing the negative cord that cannot be cut and notice where it connects

2) Next, visualize a filter (like a strainer or coffee filter) that cuts across the cord and instruct it to filter out all negative energy and emotions and visualize this negative energy running down a downspout (like you would see on a gutter on a house) deep into the ground

3) You should feel immediate relief

4) Use the energy cleansing techniques to clean up your energy field

Disconnecting from “Energy Vampires”

If someone is draining energy from you, such as the feeling of an “energy vampire,” you can help them get their energy needs meet without cutting them off completely.

1) Start by visualizing the aka cord coming in from that person as having two components.

One part is sending energy from the person and the other part is draining energy from you

2) Imagine grabbing the cord that is draining energy and pull it out of you

3) Next, visualize connecting the end of that cord to the own person’s higher self. One way to do this is to imagine a brilliant white light above the person’s head and connect the cord to it to obtain the energy they need

4) In this way, the person gets their replenishing energy from the source they should have been accessing all along


One way to clear excess or negative energy is to ground the energy into the earth through a grounding cord.

To do this, imagine a cord starting at the base of your spine and run it down deep into the earth.

Visualize the excess or negative energy flowing down this cord and dump it out deep into the earth. There are beings in the earth which will use this energy.

There are many other ways to ground. Some of these are:

Exercise: Aerobics, Jogging, walking, Yoga and Tai -Chi, Sleeping, Hugging a tree, Hiking, Massage, Petting/holding animals, Gardening,

When you feel yourself hooked by an emotion, you can return to a calm state by following these steps:

1) Take several slow deep breaths

2) Think of someone or something that you love unconditionally and feel this love in your heart area and visualize it is a bright, sparkling white light

3) While continuing to breathe deeply, feel this love expanding throughout your body and out into your energy field until you are saturated with love

4) Finally, extend this love to the source of the emotional upset and include a blessing as described below


Return energetic or emotional “attacks” with an immediate and heartfelt blessing.

Blessing protects you, keeps you centered and calm while destroying or deflecting the attack, and has positive effects on the perpetrator.

The intention must be an unconditional blessing, NOT to eliminate the attack (which is just a form of counter-attack).

Focus on your heart and project love as you think something such as “Bless this person with divine light, love, understanding, and patience. May he/she have peace in his/her heart and feel unconditional love.


Daily Energy Maintenance Procedure

It is important to adopt a daily procedure for keeping your energy bodies cleansed and maintained.

This should include activities upon awakening and getting ready for bed, and during the day as you feel yourself being affected by negative or dirty energy.

Here’s a simple example for you to follow:

When You Awake

Say a prayer or affirmation to connect you with spirit

Cut your Aka cords

Cleanse your energy field with the spiritual waterfall

Setup your protective capsule

Do yoga or other energy stimulation exercises

Ground your energy

During the day

Cleanse your work area with the spiritual waterfall

Use your energy sensing abilities to make you aware of the quality of energy that individuals or places have

Cut your Aka cords when you feel a negative energetic effect

Cleanse your energy field with the Burn and Purge method

Cleanse your energy field of hooks with the Energy Cleansing Machine technique

Reset your protective capsule as needed

Compress or expand your energy field as needed under the circumstance

Ground your energy periodically

Return psychic or energetic attacks with blessings

When You Prepare for Bed

Say a prayer of gratitude

Cut your Aka cords

Cleanse your energy field with the spiritual waterfall

Cleanse your bedroom and bed with the spiritual waterfall

Ground your energy.

Ask to go into a Healing Chamber and ask one of the Angels to take you to the right one for you at that time.

I hope you have found this information useful with regards to keeping your energy clear.

Trudy xox

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