I thought that today I would write about how Reiki has helped me with my pets.

I have got a house full of pets and I am a huge animal lover.  Over the years we’ve had various different types of pets ranging from pet rabbits, a hamster and 2 pet rats.  Yes, I said RATS!  They were the most amazingly affectionate, intelligent and loving little creatures.  We no longer have the rats, hamster or rabbits but we have 11 cats and 2 border terrier dogs, one called Mr Darcy and the other one called Daisy.

On 28th November 2011 my cat Jasper, a big ginger boy went out into the garden and never returned.  Jasper didn’t stray far from the garden, he was usually laid in next door’s garden or in our garden sunning himself or chasing leaves around.  I was absolutely beside myself when he went missing.  I rang all the local vets, I ran around the houses calling his name and putting posters up on every lamp post and in shops.  I went to all the houses nearby me and asked them all to check their outbuildings and garages in case he was trapped in one of their buildings.  I put a poster and information on a pet missing website and the worst thing was ringing the local council to see if any cats had been killed on the road and taken away by the council……. Nobody had any news.  I was absolutely heartbroken.  I had bought Jasper when he was 10 weeks old and I absolutely loved him to pieces.

The days went by and I felt that Jasper was alive so I kept on hunting for him in the hope that he would return.  Every morning when I woke up the first thing I would do would be to rush downstairs and see if he had come back through the night and let himself in through the cat flap.  Nothing …….

I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that he was ‘still with us’ and that he was alive.  Because I intuitively ‘knew’ he was out there somewhere, I decided that I would send Reiki healing to him as wherever he was he would be frightened.  He would be cold, hungry, scared and maybe even injured.  When I sent healing I knew he was still with us but I couldn’t locate where exactly he was.  I just knew he was living rough somewhere and ‘surviving’ – The months went on and the 1st year anniversary of Jasper going missing came and went.  People kept telling me that he wasn’t going to come back and I would have to move on but I couldn’t.  I knew in my heart that he needed me and I wanted him back no matter what.

I am so so glad that I never gave up looking for Jasper because in February 2013 I checked the missing pets website and saw a photo of Jasper on the website that had been taken by a family who lived right the other side of town who had been putting food out for the ‘stray’ cat.  Immediately my heart began pounding and I just wanted to go and get him.  I rang the missing pet website and they gave me a contact number for the people who had placed the advert for the ‘stray’ cat.  I was over at their house within the hour and then I saw Jasper.  He was painfully thin, his fur was a mess (bearing in mind he had been living rough for 15 months and had been out in two horrendous snowy winters)

I walked towards Jasper and called his name, he stopped in his tracks and stared at me, he stepped forward as if he was going to come to me and then he stopped, turned around and ran.  I burst into tears, my heart was absolutely breaking.  I’d found him and he didn’t come to me.  The family assured me they would keep leaving some food outside and that I could go whenever I wanted to try and capture him.  I phoned Cat Protection Service and they said they would help me try and capture Jasper using one of their ‘cat traps’ – These are obviously just cat baskets that snap shut as soon as the cat goes partially into it to eat the food.  Jasper, however, was clever, he wouldn’t go far enough inside the cat trap to get caught.  I went up twice a day across to the other side of town putting food in the trap and willing Jasper to go into it.  I carried on sending healing and love.  A month later we still hadn’t caught Jasper but we saw he was sleeping in a garage so we put the trap in the garage and we managed to get him that way.

Finally, 16 months later Jasper was on my knee in the cat carrier in the car on his way back home.  He was petrified, bless his heart.  When I let him into our bedroom at home he went to try and find somewhere to die.  He had just about given up.  He was absolutely traumatised.  I spent hours and hours sending him healing, talking to him in a soft and gentle voice, I used special essences in his water to release trauma and stress.  It was a few weeks before he let me stroke him.  He was still really nervous around other family members but he was looking healthy and well, he’d gained weight and his fur was looking shiny and smooth instead of dirty and matted.

Had I not been able to send healing and connect with Jasper while he was missing I think he would have died.  I think he would have died alone and scared.  I believe Reiki enabled me to keep him ‘well’ both physically and send him ‘love and a feeling of comfort’ while he was missing.  I know for a fact that it helped me knowing that I was doing something positive for him.  I continued to give Jasper healing and I still do along with all my other fur babies.  Reiki really has been a Godsend to me and I am so blessed that I am able to draw on this wonderful energy and use it in amazing ways.

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