Sometimes our old wounds and traumas are so deep-rooted that just changing our beliefs is not enough to set us free.

These very deep-rooted issues can be ingrained into us on an energetic level and also a cellular level in our bodies, as the vibration and resonance of the past traumas stick around and plays out in our energy field.

This stops us from healing and sabotages progress because we cannot manifest a new experience when we are still in resonance with the old.

In order to re-pattern an old trauma or stuck energy, you need different energy and that’s where I can help you shift these energetic blocks.

This is also where the pure and high vibration of crystals, essences and oils can be really beneficial.

Often the pattern of emotional trauma and physical dis-ease is chaotic and jarring, the opposite to a crystal, oil or essence.

When you have a crystal, oil or essence in your energy field your vibration will naturally lift and “entrain” to match the energy of the higher vibration present.

When combined with a thought or an affirmation and the intention to heal and re-pattern this is even more powerful.

These are extremely powerful energy re-patterning sessions and you will receive a full emailed report, together with the energy re-patterning work, and suggestions that are bespoke to your personal energetic frequencies.

I will also provide you with details of the ingredients I have used to assist you to break these old patterns.

This is specialist energy work and is extremely beneficial in moving you forward in your life as you will be clearing blocks maybe from this or past lifetimes.

If you would like to book a session, please contact me at trudy@awakeningtouch.co.uk or via the contact form on this website.

You can also send me a message on my Facebook page which is called Awakening Touch Animal Healer & Pet Bereavement Counsellor and here’s the link to my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AwakeningTouch21/


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